Please discuss any health concerns or issues with your therapist before your appointment to make sure that massage is a good idea, and what type of massage would be best. Some examples of reasons massage might not be ok at this time, or might limit the type of massage you can have include, but are not limited to: contagious conditions or infections, (colds, flu, ect.) recent surgeries and injuries, high risk pregnancy, protruding or ruptured discs, acute liver or kidney disorders, and history of Hemophilia or other blood/clotting disorders.

~Customized Massage~

A Customized Massage is just that, a massage customized to your individual health needs and concerns. This massage is for everyone: Expecting mothers, athletes, people with physically demanding jobs, anyone who is experiencing pain or discomfort, or someone who just needs to relax. Before your massage begins, we will discuss any areas or issues you would like to be focused on. The techniques used will be integrated together, and the pressure used will be adjusted, all to create the best, most effective massage for you.

75 minutes   $80

~Ashiatsu Massage~

In Japanese "Ashi" means "foot" and "atsu" means "pressure" 

Ashiatsu (Ashi) is a form of barefoot massage. Oils are applied to the body, and the therapist uses their soft, clean bare feet to give a rhythmic, relaxing, deep massage. Parallel bars are used above the therapists head for support, balance and control. Because the feet are a broader surface, you can receive a much deeper pressure than traditional massage accessing deep set muscles and relieving chronic pain. Ashi is both extremely relaxing and therapeutic at the same time!

75 minutes   $80