Kate Snyder  LMT, CLT

Licensed Massage Therapist - Certified Lymphatic Therapist

There are many different reasons people will go for a massage. Relaxation, relief from muscle pain and tension, and headaches/migraines are just a few. I specialize in massage therapy for pain relief. I enjoy the task of trying to identify and isolate the problem area causing someone pain or discomfort, with hopes of helping to make them feel better. I make sure to communicate with my clients before their massage session starts to fully understand what it is they need me to focus on and what outcome they would like to achieve, which often changes from one massage to the next. One time it might be a headache or low back pain, another you might just want to relax. I will customize your massage to how you feel that day.

I received my training in Medical Massage in 2006 at Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences. I have since been trained in Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage,Thai Yoga Massage, and Ashiatsu Massage. I also incorporate Deep Tissue and Swedish Massage techniques in when needed or requested. I am constantly reading about and learning new techniques and information to further help my clients. 

My goal is to have you feeling your best!